Monday, September 17, 2012

9/11/12–Moses Lake to Kittitas, WA

It was going to be just a short drive today, so we took our time getting on the road and headed west to Kittitas for a stop to see Ken’s cousin Max and his new wife Jane.

Yes…there really is a George, Washington.


And his wife Martha runs the local café.


Before going down the hill to cross the Columbia River to Vantage, there is a wild horse monument on the hillside.  We didn’t stop at the viewpoint, so my photo didn’t come out too good.


And it’s still pretty smoky as we cross the Columbia River to the Vantage side.  The hill heading west out of Vantage will be the first real test of how well the new thermostat in the RV works.


And up the hill we go…no overheating!!!


We drive under this railroad trestle about ten miles east of Kittitas.


After we got set up at Max and Jane’s house, we headed into Ellensburg for lunch and to see a Roadside America attraction called Dick & Jane’s.  Here are a couple of photos from Dick and Jane’s.  It’s a private home that a husband and wife team of artists used to display their creativity.  It’s quite unique to say the least.




Back at Max and Jane’s, we met Jane for the first time and had a nice visit with her.  When Max got home for work, we joined them for dinner and more visiting.  They both had to work early the next day, so we called it an early evening, but not before Max asked us to help ourselves to some elk meat out of the freezer before leaving in the morning.  We are more than happy to oblige them!

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