Sunday, September 9, 2012

Our Last Week at the Spokane Elks

It was another week of no photos, but we were on the go quite a bit.

On Monday 9/3, we met RV friends Bryan and Susan for lunch at Hu Hot and catching up with them.  We didn’t have enough time to talk while at Hu Hot, so we drove up to Dairy Queen for some ice cream and more chatting.

September 4th was Demetrius’ 19th birthday and he was busy with friends so we didn’t get to see him that day.

Wednesday morning 9/5, we made preparations to take the RV to RVs Northwest as we’re still having a problem with the HWH leveling system.  Before leaving the Elks, Ken discovered that the tire we had repaired last week had lost about 20 pounds of pressure.  After talking to the technician at the RV shop, we decided to order a new touchpad for the HWH system and they agreed to pay overnight shipping since our original problem could have been misdiagnosed.  From there we headed back to Preedy’s in downtown Spokane arriving there at about 11am only to find that they couldn’t work on the tire until 1pm.  Since I had followed in the truck, we used the spare time to meet Ken’s brother Ron and his wife MaryAnn and their grandson Eric for lunch.  We returned to the tire shop where they had already started working to find the problem.  We ended up having to get another valve stem extension and it was close to 4pm before we got back to camp…another long day without getting much accomplished.

We attended the monthly meeting and potluck for the Wheelin’ Elks on Thursday evening.

Friday was the start of another project I’ve been meaning to get to:  cleaning the windows in the RV.  I decided to try a product that Home Depot had recommended while we were in Arizona for cleaning the house windows.  It’s called Unger Pro Formula Window Cleaner and it’s a concentrate where you use for capfuls to one gallon of water.  It does a fantastic job and is something we’ll continue to use in the future.  I used it again on Saturday morning to clean the inside windows and we can see clearly now!  The inside front window and driver side window still need to be completed, but they always seem to  be facing the sun.

We went to out daughter Laura’s house for dinner on Saturday night.  Our youngest grandson Dominique now has mono in addition to his broken ankle.  That poor kid is getting a bad start to the school year.

This morning, we followed Gene and Cathy to the Spokane Valley Eagles for breakfast.  It was a good meal and we had a very good, outgoing waitress.  They also had a membership special going on for $25, so Ken filled out an application to rejoin the Eagles.  On our return to the Elks lodge, we finished packing things up and drove to the Cummins Coach Care in Cheney.  They’ll be looking into the problem we’re having with the engine overheating.  Hopefully it will be a relatively inexpensive fix and we’ll be able to get on the road again Monday afternoon.

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