Sunday, September 30, 2012

9/24/12–Neah Bay and Sekiu, WA

Our trip for Monday 9/24/12 was to Neah Bay and Sekiu in the northwest section of the Olympic Peninsula.

Before even getting out of Forks, we hit construction areas…must be Monday.


Rather than seeing totem poles, these wood carvings were in Neah Bay on the Makah Reservation.


Ken said that this structure out in the bay by Neah Bay was once a section of the old floating bridge across Lake Washington.


The ocean beach off a side road in Neah Bay.


On one of the side roads we drove on in Neah Bay, Ken spotted this man working on a boat in his shop.  Ken took some time to talk with him and get a short tour of the boats he was building and was very impressed with his work.


On our way back into town, we stopped to watch this kayaker.  He started out just sitting on the sand waiting for the right wave to launch him into the water.


After a few waves, he was headed out into deeper water.


From Neah Bay, we headed back east to Sekiu which is a very popular salmon fishing area.  We stopped at a local café for lunch then drove around for a photo of the marina.


From the time we first arrived on the Olympic Peninsula during this trip, we had both been remarking on the fact that we hadn’t been seeing any bald eagles which seemed very strange to both of us.  In Sekiue, we finally had our bald eagle sighting!


It was our lucky day as we also got to see spawning salmon.


It was another great weather day for playing tourist, but after a long day we headed back to the RV.

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