Tuesday, September 18, 2012

9/13–9/14/12–Visiting with Family

We met the nieces and nephew for dinner at a Mexican restaurant in Snohomish.  On the left:  Lisa and James.  On the right (back to front):  Tammy, Gabrielle (hidden by Thomas), Robyn and Jeff.


Tammy says “cheers” while Gabrielle and Thomas are busy playing games on a smart phone and Robyn is finishing her dinner.


On Friday night, I didn’t take any photos, but we met my brother Carl and his wife Barb and my sister Cris for dinner at the Blazing Onion in Snohomish.  It was quite similar to Red Robin, but with a more varied menu.  We had a good meal and visit and returned to the RV to get ready for our departure on Saturday morning.

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