Monday, September 24, 2012

9/19/2012–Dungeness Wildlife Refuge

We got a late start to our day on Wednesday as our sleep was disturbed by a phone call from our alarm system company informing us of a possible break in into our house in Arizona City.  We were on the phone with the alarm company, the Pinal County Sheriff’s department, and neighbors from about 11:30pm Tuesday evening until 2:00am or so Wednesday morning.  Our kitchen window was broken and apparently the suspect was able to get to the other end of the house before setting off the alarm system.  We won’t know until we get back to the area if anything was taken or not, but we’re very thankful for our good neighbors JoAnn and Phil who were there to take care of things for us and coordinate with the glass company to get the window replaced.  An arrest was made early Wednesday morning, and according to another neighbor, when the sheriff arrived the suspect was in a house across the street with the garage door open watching the action.  The sheriff went over to talk to him, asked to see his shoe, and low and behold…it matched the footprint in our yard as well as one in the neighbor’s yard from an earlier incident.  He was arrested and hopefully he won’t make bail anytime soon as he was already on probation for a similar crime.

After taking care of the business with the house, we headed into Sequim with the intention of seeing the Dungeness Wildlife Refuge.  Unfortunately, it was socked in with fog when we drove out there and we didn’t see anything other than this very large hornet’s nest in a bush alongside the road.



We headed back to the RV to get a little bit more rest after our sleepless night.


Judy Luke Rinehimer said...

Sorry to hear about your break-in but it sounds like your alarm company, sherrif, and neighbors all came through for you. While we were gone earlier this year the vacant houses on either side of ours were broken into and vandalized, probably by local teens. Hope your belongings are fine.

IdahoRV said...

Thanks Judy and Luke. It's really difficult to deal with this situation from afar, but like I posted we're very fortunate to have some very good neighbors (other than the rental house across the street where all the criminals reside).