Thursday, July 5, 2012

Vanilla Thunder Wins Their Bracket!!!!

July 1st was the final day for HoopFest and Dominique’s team was scheduled to play their first game at 9:30am.  We arrived a few minutes late, but that didn’t deter their team from winning that game.  All of the games are played on the same court, so we left our lawn chairs set up and shared them with the family of another team while we weren’t there.  Our lunch yesterday was pre-packaged and we decided to search out something better on Sunday.  We didn’t have far to walk when we found O’Doherty’s Irish Pub and Grill.  We were quickly seated and ordered reubens.  It was a fantastic meal and we would definitely go back if we’re in the downtown Spokane area again.

Dominique’s second game on Sunday was played at 1:00pm and once again, Vanilla Thunder ruled the court!  That left us with a 2.25 hour wait for the final game.

I think this photo will show how the final game turned out:


Congratulations to Dominique and his teammates on Vanilla Thunder!

After a long day watching the games on Sunday, it was back to our normal week of taking care of the usual.  Monday meant a visit to the doctor in Spokane to have a backup plans for our prescriptions when we’re on the road for several months at a time.

We did our volunteering at the Elks lodge on Tuesday evening for their weekly Taco Tuesday.  Wednesday was the celebration of our country’s independence and we chose to stay close to home rather than being out on the roads for the day.  After it got dark, we sat on the deck of the Elks lodge to watch fireworks throughout the Spokane area.  It was quite a view!

The first Thursday of the month is the Spokane Elks RV club monthly barbecue and meeting.  During the week, I had noticed that visiting RVer’s had been grooming and/or letting their dogs and cats sit on the picnic tables in the gazebo.  So, this morning Ken and I brought out the cleaning supplies and washed down all of the tables and benches to make for a more pleasant eating experience at the barbecue.  In between things, I tried to help a friend in Salem get through some computer items she needed help with.  The RVer’s barbecue had a good turnout which really surprised us being the week of the 4th.  There was lots of good food to share, and after the meeting we’re back in the RV relaxing for the evening.

So…until my next update….

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