Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hoop Fest Spokane

I’ve been trying to walk as many days as possible while we’re sitting here in Spokane.  My normal walk so far has been a little over a mile and a half, but I went with Sandy and Kathy (the Elks RV hosts) the other day and that walk was just over 3 miles.  It’s a little difficult to see them, but there are several turtles along the shoreline and a few in the water near the waterfall in Mirabeau Park which is close to the Elks lodge.


We drove into Spokane to watch our grandson Dominique at the Hoop Fest which is a annual event.  This year there are an estimated 30,000 players making up 7500 teams.  Dominique’s team is called Vanilla Thunder and they won their first game earlier in the day and also won the game we watched them play against the Angry Bananas this afternoon.  I’m not sure where they come up with the team names.  Demetrius who graduated earlier this month was also supposed to be on a team.  However, they signed up as a team of under 6 foot tall players.  When Demetrius entered his height as 6 foot 4 inches on his applications, the red flags were raised and he was eliminated from the competition.

Dominique is in the light colored shorts shooting for the hoop in this photo.


And here’s another shot of him with the ball.


His next game is scheduled for 9:30am on Sunday morning and weather permitting, we’ll probably be headed into town to watch again.

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