Sunday, July 29, 2012

Spokane, WA to St Regis, MT

Over the last few days, we’ve been finishing things up in Spokane and getting ready to do some traveling again.  That included trips back to Costco to have some adjustments made to Ken’s hearing aids and to Walmart to stock up on items not available in smaller towns.  We invited our daughter Laura and our son-in-law Bob to the Elks for a visit and to attend their Saturday night $5 dinner and had a good time with them.

He headed east around 10:30am on Sunday morning and had two mountain passes to drive over…the first one is the 4th of July Pass.  In my working years, I drove this pass daily from our home in Cataldo, Idaho to work in Coeur d’Alene.  This next photo brings back some sad memories as it was the location of a tragic event for the Groene family in 2005.


We’re at the summit of the 4th of July Pass and driving down into the Silver Valley.


Our second mountain pass of the day was Lookout at the border of Montana and Idaho.


There is a rest area about 4 miles east of the pass in Montana where we thought we would have a lunch break.  That did not happen as there were several oversize trucks parked there blocking the RV/truck parking entrance.  We continued on for another 29 miles or so to our exit at St Regis and this is our site in the Nugget Campground in St Regis.


We later spent the evening with our friends Lee and Barb in their site at the other end of the park for happy hour and dinner.  We made plans for an ATV ride on Monday, and returned to the RV for the remainder of the evening.


Our ATV ride for Monday will begin around 11am and we plan to pack our lunch and camera and hopefully I’ll be getting some better photos for the blog updates.  Until then…

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