Monday, July 30, 2012

A Very Short ATV Ride in Montana

After breakfast this morning, I got busy and packed the lunch for our ATV ride with Lee and Barb.  After Ken got going, he was outside getting the ATV ready to unload from the truck and preparing it for our ride.  We finally hit the road around 11am and headed west through the town of St Regis on the route Barb had planned for the day.  After a few miles, we turned on the dirt road following alongside the St Regis River.  Lee and Barb were leading the way and we stayed back some due to the dust.  We got about 3 miles down the road when Ken had been looking at the hillside and apparently hit a rock with the right side of the ATV that threw us off it.  Ken has a scraped up head, arm, and knee and I landed pretty much on my hands and right hip and have some badly scraped up knuckles.  Lee and Barb came back to check on us and after a brief rest and putting some water on our bloody parts, we were able to ride back to the campground where we rested for the remainder of the day.  My right hand looks the worst, but my left hand has been getting progressively worse during the day.  We’ll see how things are looking in the morning to determine whether we need medical follow up or not.  So much for the ATV ride photos.

That’s it until my next update.

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Aman Noorani said...

I have recently found your blog and have read last few entries.

I am so sorry to hear of your ATV accident. I do hope everything will turn out okay and any recovery is fast, to get you back on the road.