Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Can You Hear Me Now?

Ken received a call from Costco on Tuesday morning that they would be able to work him into an earlier appointment for picking up his new hearing aids.  We arrived a little before the 11:30am appointment and we ended up spending about an hour and a half there getting everything set up.  We have a favorite Chinese restaurant just a few block west of Costco, so that was our next stop.  One of the hearing aids didn’t seem to be working properly so after lunch, we headed back to Costco to look into a solution.  It was an easy fix and we were out of there.

Ken’s first project of the day on Wednesday was to work on the light post again.  He made some changes to the wiring, and when it got dark tonight, we’re happy to say the light is now working!

After the light project was completed and after lunch, we headed to Walmart so I could take advantage of a discount coupon for a haircut and we also picked up a few items at the store. 

We had an early dinner so Ken could attend the Elks lodge meeting this evening.

We’re planning on getting a few loose ends tied up around here so that we’ll be able to travel in the next few days.  We’re getting tired of sitting in one spot and the Elks has a big car show scheduled for the 5th of August.  The car show would probably be fun to see, but we’ve been told that visitors park in RV sites and take over the place, so we want to be out of here for that event.

More later…

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