Monday, July 23, 2012

Some Work, A Walk on the Centennial Trail, and New Glasses

Being a cooler day, we decided to complete the light post project at the Elks lodge.  Prior to this Ken and Gene had replaced the wiring inside of the pole, but when they went to put the globe back on over the light, something was broken and the globe wouldn’t stay in place.


The globe has now been secured, the light is working, and the pole is ready to be raised back into place.


The light pole has been raised and secured.


Ken is finishing up wiring in the electric eye for the light.  As I’m preparing this blog, it is now dark, and the light has not come on, so either the wiring needs to be changed or the electric eye is bad.


After lunch, we drove down to a parking area in the Maribeau area and took a walk on the Centennial Trail.  As we approached the railroad bridge, a train crossed it.


It’s a little small to see in this photo, but there’s a raft in the river under the bridge.


As we were returning to the truck, we received a call that Ken’s new glasses had arrived.  So after the walk, we drove to Costco to get the glasses.


When we were at Chuck and Phyllis’ house the other day, she gave me several starts for hen and chicks cactus to take to the house in Arizona City.  I don’t have a green thumb, so time will tell as to whether they will survive until we get there.  But, so far they look okay.


So far, the only thing planned for tomorrow is volunteering at taco Tuesday at the Elks lodge.  So until my next update…

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