Thursday, July 26, 2012

Not Much Going On Today

Once again…no pictures today.  We took some 2x4’s to Ken’s brother’s house that we didn’t need anymore.  We had used them for moving the refrigerator out to work on it earlier in our stay in Spokane.  After dropping off the 2x4’s, we all went to lunch at Laguna Café near Ron and Mary Ann’s house.

Ken still wasn’t happy with the way the new hearing aids were working, so we drove back to Costco to have the technician make some adjustments.  We had placed another ad on Craigslist for the chainsaw winch that we picked up at our hunting partner’s home the other day, and Ken received a call on that tonight.  The caller seemed very interested and we may receive another call from them tomorrow to make arrangements to meet…so we’ll see what happens there.

Tomorrow we’ll be packing things up and hoping to be on the road to MT in the next couple of days to meet friends for some ATV riding.

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