Friday, May 25, 2012

Still in Vancouver, WA

The technician scheduled to look at our problem with the airbags didn’t show up at 9am…so we waited and finally got word that he would be here a couple of hours late.  He finally arrived at about noon and spent an hour working on the airbags and finally got them fixed to the point where we can travel again.  So…we’ll be looking into repairs to the HWH leveling system when we get back to Spokane.  While outside, Ken spotted a water leak that we needed to check out.  After some research, we discovered a leak from the back of the new residential refrigerator…most likely the ice maker line is the problem.  He shut it down so that wouldn’t continue…but it appears to be too late.  Water has been slowly leaking out from under the refrigerator into the living area and it looks like the subflooring has been saturated.  We’re not happy campers as it looks like there’s going to be some major expenses to get things fixed up again.

On a good note, we plan to head out in the morning and travel to Spokane where we’ll be located for a couple of weeks while attending our grandson’s graduation.  We’re really looking forward to that!


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