Sunday, May 20, 2012

5/18–5/19/12–Salem, OR

We extended our stay in Salem from 3 to 5 nights and have been very busy, but I haven’t been toting around the camera and taking photos.  After we got going on Friday, we went to see Janice and Gabby and I spent some time with Janice helping her get the new computer set up.  Her old computer is equipped with some very expensive software which she used for the Escapees magazine and that’s the primary software she used for everything.  She used Outlook 2003 for her email and since that was no longer available, I downloaded Mozilla Thunderbird to take care of her email.  It took some trial and error, but I was finally able to get her address book transferred from the old computer to the new one and tried familiarize her with the Thunderbird email program.  Before leaving that afternoon, I suggested she make a list with questions and things that needed to be accomplished before our next session on Saturday.  We returned to the RV and around 5pm, Ken’s cousin Frieda and her husband Dick picked us up to go out for dinner.  We had originally planned on going to Sizzler, but when they suggested McGrath (a seafood restaurant), we quickly agreed to that.  It was a wonderful meal, and as we were exiting through the lobby, we ran into cousin Don and his wife Stella waiting for a table.

Janice and Gabby stopped by and picked me up Saturday to go to their house to work on Janice’s new computer again.  It was a long, frustrating day as we couldn’t really accomplish anything.  She wanted to transfer numerous saved emails and attachments from Outlook on the old computer to the new computer.  After several attempts, I determined that there was no way to pick and choose email folders to transfer, and I think she’ll work with things on the old computer until her editing of the Escapees magazines is totally completed.  Ken joined us around 5pm and we were treated to a fantastic lasagna dinner.  Thanks Janice & Gabby!

Today, we planned to meet up with Don and Stella, and we received a call from this morning and found out we had to work around their schedule where they would be leaving around 2pm.  We went to their house around 11am to visit.  The guys watched a golf game on tv and I tried to help Stella get set up with her new Amazon Kindle Fire.  Unfortunately, for some reason, her MiFi network that she uses for her computer is not broadcasting it’s SSID, so we weren’t able to set up the Kindle.  Oh well…I seem to be striking out on my computer help.  So we returned to the RV after a quick Walmart stop and later had a happy hour with John and Linda.

John and Linda are looking at Ken in amazement as he talks with his hands.  I wonder what he said.


It must have been funny though.


I tried to get a few photos of the solar eclipse and they didn’t turn out too well, but here’s one of a plane flying over the sun.


And the progression continues.


The cloud cover was in and out making it very difficult to see much of the eclipse.


This is pretty much the end of the eclipse.


Back at the RV after happy hour, Ken disconnected everything but the electric in preparation for our travel on Monday where we will be heading to Vancouver, WA.  While there, we’re hoping to catch up with more cousins.

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