Thursday, May 3, 2012

Eureka, Anniversary, Redwoods, and Elk

Happy anniversary to us today…37 years!  We started our day by finding an ATM in Eureka and since it was still a little early for our planned lunch, we drove around Eureka.  These first three photos were taken along the east side of Humboldt Bay.




We drove over a long bridge to the west side of the bay to have a look around.



The west side of the bay was formerly a Navy base but is now facilities for the Coast Guard.


The change in weather could be seen in the wave activity along the Pacific Ocean.


We thought the restaurant we planned to go to for lunch would be in the main area of Eureka, but it turned out to be south of our exit for the Elks lodge so it was a long drive north and then back south for lunch.  Although it seemed to be in a very out of the way location, the parking lot was full at Gills by the Bay,  and we had a very  good lunch.  Ken had the fish and chips and a cup of seafood chowder while I had the Sandy Beach Sandwich which was bay shrimp, crisp bacon, green onions & cheddar cheese on grilled sourdough bread.

After lunch, we drove north on Hwy 101 to the visitor center for the Redwoods National Park.


Ken picked up some pamphlets and talked to the ranger at the desk for a while, and then we watched a short movie about the redwoods.

From there we continued driving north (and then back south) to see the redwoods and elk (with a deer thrown into the mix) in the area.






And that’s “the end” for today!



hobopals said...

Happy Anniversary! Glad to see you enjoying the great state of Oregon. No better place to be--well, maybe Idaho in the summer is about equal. :)

Judy Luke Rinehimer said...

Congratulations on your anniversary. We stayed at the Elks there and up the road into Oregon a few years ago. Some geocaches there, too. In Newport go to Georgie's Restaurant on the coast next to a motel. Great food and views. Clam chowder way better than Mo's.