Saturday, May 12, 2012

5/8/12–Grants Pass to Canyonville, OR

The work on our RV was completed by Henderson’s Line-Up in Grants Pass, OR early and we were on the road north to Canyonville.


And here is a unique name for a trucking company.


Their largest competitor is YRU Trucking, LLC.

We continued to the Seven Feathers truck stop to add more diesel to the tank, then went across the freeway to the casino’s boondocking area where we set up for the night.  Ken’s cousin didn’t answer her phone, so we had lunch in the casino and were able to get a hold of her later.  We drove up to Laura and Richard’s farm and visited all afternoon and took a ride on their ATV to see other parts of the farm before we returned to the RV.

Here’s Laura dusting off the mule for our ride up the hill.


Ken is talking with Richard and Laura up by the pond in their upper field.


One of the new calves is resting.


While up on the hill, Laura pointed out these unusual flowers called cat’s ears due to the shape of the blossom and they appear to be furry.


And there were also some torch flowers in the garden area.


We rode the mule over to Laura’s son David’s house to see his weekend project he built for is son Caleb.  Here is Caleb in is fort with Ken and Caleb’s mother Lorna looking on.


After our visit, we returned to the RV for the evening.

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