Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lost Beach Loop Drive

Since the weather was due to take a turn for the worse on Thursday, we decided to take the Lost Beach Loop drive today.  We started the drive on the north part of the loop at the Fernbridge/Ferndale exit south of Eureka.  We crossed a bridge over the Eel River.




We drove through the town of Ferndale which has a lot of Victorian style buildings in town.  We stopped at the post office to send some things off in the mail and continued through town.  If time and weather allow, we may take some time to go back there and explore a little bit more.




The entire loop drive is around 100 miles long, but it is very scenic.  The road is very narrow and there are several places where it is down to one lane due to slides.  There is a section of road that follows the Pacific Ocean and there are several large farms along the route.




I’m not sure what they are, but we saw these unusual flowers in front of one of the farms along our route.


This cow seems to have just given birth to the calf lying at her feet.


We crossed this bridge on the final portion of our loop before entering the Humboldt Redwoods area.


It’s really amazing driving on the road through these large redwoods that are hundreds of years old.


I’m pretty sure this gas station is out of business…if not, it should be.


Our pickup wanted it’s photo taken in front of one of the large redwoods, so we stopped briefly to do that.


This wood carving of an ear of corn caught my eye.


There might be another RV in our future, but it’s definitely not this one.


We continued our drive on into Eureka to pick up some things at the Costco then returned to the RV for the evening.

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