Thursday, May 17, 2012

5/10–5/17/12–RV Maintenance and a Side Trip or Two then on to Salem

One of the main chores I had been wanting to get to was removing all items off our countertops and giving them a thorough cleaning and discarding some excess paperwork and whatever else was just lying around there.

This is our campsite and Guaranty RV’s service area.  With warm weather during the week, it worked out really well being under a tall tree for some shade.


On a drive around the area one day, we noticed several fields with white flowers and were kind of curious as to what kind of crop it was, but never did find out.


Off one of the country roads, we followed signs to a greenhouse and took a tour.




On Monday morning we were surprised to get a call from Shane in the service department to let us know there was an opening that morning for them to start on getting the roof sealed.  We got ready as quickly as possible and drove over to the service department.  Knowing that the work would take all day, we decided to make a day trip to Florence, then up the coast to Waldport then back to Junction City.  Here are a few pictures from our day on the road.

It’s always interesting to see barns in all shapes and conditions out in the countryside.


The Florence area is known for it’s sand dunes and there are many places for off road vehicles to drive out on the dunes.


And the bridge in Florence.


And there are some rocky shorelines along the Pacific Ocean.


This bridge came into view as we got nearer to Waldport.


We returned to Junction City and the RV came out of the shop around 5pm, but there was more work to be completed yet on the roof.  We were asked to have it at the shop at 8am so they could get that completed.  But, they were short staffed and unsure if they would be able to get the oil changes completed on Tuesday.  Regardless, we were definitely scheduled for Wednesday and it the work would be done that day for sure.  We ran a few errands around town and returned to Guaranty RV’s sales office for their barbecue lunch.  After lunch, we returned to the service center and were told that they would try very hard to get us in for the remaining service jobs so that we could be on our way.  All of the work was finished by 5pm, and we decided to stay another night before heading north.

We drove north to the Salem Elks lodge on Wednesday.  This is a familiar sign as we get close to Salem.


When we arrived at the Elks, we spotted John and Linda’s RV in the lot.  We met up with them later and made plans for happy hour and dinner at the lodge with Gabby and Janice joining us.  We had a nice visit with all of them that evening and are trying to get together with Janice later to help her with setting up a new computer.

Today we drove to Art and Caroline’s house to visit with them for a while before meeting up with Ken’s cousins.  We hadn’t seen Art and Caroline in quite a long time, so it was really great to be able to visit with them and catch up on what they’ve been doing.

We returned to the RV for lunch and Ken’s cousin Don and his wife Stella showed up to visit.  Another cousin, Don’s sister Frieda and her husband Dick also dropped by to visit.  Dick and Frieda had plans for the evening so we’ll be meeting them for dinner tomorrow, but we did go out with Don and Stella this evening.

Back at the RV, I decided it was time to do a quick catch up with the blog as I’ve been ignoring it all week.  That’s it for now.

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