Friday, May 4, 2012

Friends and Steak Night at Eureka Elks Lodge

After exchanging a few emails last night, we learned that Don and Sharon would be arriving at the Eureka Elks today and made plans for the four of us to attend the Elks steak dinner on Friday night.  Prior to their arrival we made a trip into town to pick up our mail.  Eureka is just a large enough city that it has several post offices, and we ended up going to two of them before we picked up our mail.  After another short grocery shopping trip and picking up lottery tickets, we headed back to the RV.

Once Don and Sharon arrived, we visited briefly before they continued getting set up for their stay.  We met again later to walk over to the Elks for our barbecue your own steak night.  Here’s a photo of Don and Ken (both in red shirts) watching over the steaks on the grill.  They both look pretty intent on doing a good job.


Sharon came out to check on the status of the steaks. 


All was going well at the grill, so Sharon and I prepared our salads and waited for dinner delivery.  I thought that the steaks were New York, but they may have been some other cut.  Regardless, they were so tender you didn’t really need a knife to cut them.  After dinner we returned to our RV’s with plans to get together for happy hour tomorrow and to do something for dinner.

This blog is bit short tonight as I’ve got my nose stuck back in the Kindle reading another book by Michael Prescott called Mortal Faults.


I won’t get it finished tonight, but this has quickly become a new favorite author of mine.

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