Friday, May 11, 2012

5/7/12–Crescent City, CA to Grants Pass, OR

We left the campground in Crescent City and headed north on Hwy 101.  After a brief stop to take on some additional fuel at an outrageous price, we continued on and turned west on Hwy 199.


Hwy 199 was a very scenic drive following a river at times and the road seemed much narrower with more twists and turns than Hwy 101.


We drove through a tunnel.


There were narrower section of road than this and thankfully weather was warm enough that we paid no attention to the snow zone sign.


This road took us past the entrance to Oregon Caves.  We visited there on a previous visit to Grants Pass.


About another 30 miles down the road, we arrived at Henderson’s Line-Up around noon.  We weren’t on the schedule until Tuesday morning, but they were able to get it into the shop in the afternoon and got started on the work to be completed.

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