Tuesday, March 20, 2012

We Are Guinea Pigs and Adventures in Arizona City

On Sunday morning, Sheila called and invited us to be guinea pigs for a new recipe she was trying out.  Since her meals are always good, we accepted the invitation and once again, we had a terrific meal.  I can’t remember for sure what all was in the recipe, but a corn meal mixture with peppers and corn were baked in poblano peppers, then topped with a very good sauce with onions and/or peppers and cheese.  The meal was accompanied by a southwest cole slaw with jicamas and red peppers, rice and shrimp and margaritas.


On Monday, after first going to Glenn and Sheila’s a solar screen company representative came by our us to look at the sliding door to see what could be done.  His bid was higher than we wanted to deal with at this time, so we drove to Casa Grande to see what Home Depot had to offer.  They had a similar type door for a better price that we ordered and it should be here in about 3 weeks.  I guess that tells us we will be here until mid April for sure now.

Today while Ken worked in the garage to finish a few items for the setup of our security system, I kept busy dusting and vacuuming the RV.  It’s not my favorite thing to do, but sometimes it just has to be done. 

This afternoon I heard the sound of airplanes overhead and went outside to take a look.  There were eleven of the skydiver’s planes in formation, so it looks like they’re building up for the big jump.


After lunch, I noticed a strange odor in the RV that at first smelled like food going bad, so I sprayed some freshener throughout but still noticed the smell getting increasingly worse.  I opened up the refrigerator to look for something going bad only to get a worse smell of ammonia.  As we follow several RV forums, I knew that could only mean that our refrigerator bit the dust.  We’re very fortunate that this didn’t have 4 weeks later as we could have been traveling.  At least here, we have the refrigerator in the house where I moved everything this afternoon.  Then Ken started removing the refrigerator so that we can look into getting it replaced with a regular household refrigerator. 


More adventures to follow…what can possibly happen next?  I’m hoping for winning the lottery!

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hobopals said...

By the sounds of the dish, I wish I was a guinea pig!

I have torn my little trailer apart little by little looking for a medicinal odor--I can't find anything. The basement doesn't smell at all. I have emptied every cupboard and closet--can't find a thing. I'm going to have to wait until I can take it out to a campground. Maybe turning the air on will help. I'm wondering if when the water came in whether it wet something in the walls or floor that I can't see or whether when the inverter went on fire it burned the linoleum. My daughter, the nurse, is worried that it is toxic.