Monday, March 26, 2012

Big Skydive in Eloy, AZ

We had planned to drive the RV to Mesa on Friday to look into getting the refrigerator replaced, but the work to get the old one out took it’s toll on Ken’s body and we decided to wait until Monday to do that.  During the day, we saw the skydiving planes fly over several times so I called Skydive Arizona to see if they would have any more large jumps.  When we found out they had another one planned about an hour out we drove down to the Eloy airport to watch the activities.  The 11 planes carrying the skydivers flew over in a “V” formation and when the jump occurred, they all appeared in the open part of the “V”.  This was a group of Germans hoping to break a record, but to our knowledge that didn’t happen.  It was still pretty impressive to watch.




This former van was transportation for the divers.


Employees at the airport were kept busy re-packing parachutes.


I spotted another cactus blossoming in the neighborhood.


The remainder of our weekend was spent on a variety of small jobs around the RV and house.

Today we got things packed up and put away and prepared for our drive to RV Renovators in Mesa.  We arrived there around noon and checked in at the office.  Most of the employees were at lunch and it would be an hour or so before anyone could take the measurements for the refrigerator.  When we went back outside to unhook the truck, we received a call from Shirley and Charlie who we had talked to earlier in the day.  From the earlier conversation, we knew they were headed to Camping World in Phoenix for some work.  As it turned out, they were at the one just down the road and they were having lunch at a local Mexican restaurant.  We were able to get away for a while to meet them for lunch and had a great, but short visit with them.  Hopefully we’ll get to meet up with them again before we all head north.  On our return to the RV, we met with Levi and Billy to go over what we wanted to do about a replacement for the Norcold refrigerator.  We were given maximum measurements for height, width, and depth and off we went shopping (not my favorite thing to do).  They had suggested that Sears or Spencers had the counter depth refrigerators that would work for us.  Our first stop was Sears and anything they had was not available for 2-3 weeks.  Spencers had something that might have worked depth and width, but Billy told us the height of it was not good.  After talking a bit more, he told us he could make adjustments and that we had the room for a refrigerator with more depth than originally planned.  So we headed out for more shopping.  This time we went to the Sears store at another mall with our tape measure and we finally found something that we could both agree on.  We were hoping to find something we could pack into the truck and take back with us or have delivered on Tuesday, but that wasn’t going to happen.  It will be delivered on Wednesday to RV Renovators and hopefully we’ll be headed back to Arizona City by Friday or Saturday.

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