Tuesday, March 13, 2012

SKP Lunch–Casa Grande, AZ

Today we met Diane and Andy and John and Jana for the SKP lunch at the Golden Corral in Casa Grande.  It seems like we spent over 2 hours there visiting and of course, eating.

On the left front to back:  Diane and Jana.  On the right front to back:  Ken’s hand, Andy, and John.  Diane and Andy are #1 on the waiting list for a lot at the SKP park in Casa Grande and they will find out tomorrow if they are getting a lot.  Good luck to the two of you!


Following the lunch, we checked out a few local stores in Casa Grande.  Before returning to our place, we stopped by to see Glenn and Sheila and see the home security system they had ordered.  We’ll probably be ordering from the same company tomorrow which will give both Glenn and Sheila and us a free month of service.

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