Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I Hate Automated Phone Systems!!!

When we ordered our new refrigerator at Sears yesterday, we informed them that the delivery would be to RV Renovators in Mesa, a business with business hours.  We were told that we would receive a call sometime today to confirm a 2 hour delivery window timeframe.  These callbacks leave no opportunity to speak to a human and when we received the call, we were told that the delivery would be sometime between the hours of 5:15pm and 7:15pm.  Great!!!  This business closes at 5:00pm, so I had to talk to a real person which is also not an easy task.  So…I called the number for the Sears store on our salesman’s business card.  Yet another automated phone system…when I said it was about delivery…my call went to someone who finally got ahold of someone in delivery for this area.  An earlier delivery couldn’t be accomplished, but they were able to give them information that we had a key to the gate here and that they needed to call us upon their arrival.

We haven’t had business with Sears in many, many years and I’m not to eager to do business with them again after this.  I think big businesses have forgotten what customer service is all about.  Did I mention that I hate automated phone systems?!?

It looks like tomorrow will be another wasted day for us with nothing accomplished!



Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

Remember the old phone company commercials reach out and touch someone. Makes you want to reach through that phone a throttle someone. And they tell frustrated customers to calm down.

hobopals said...

I hit "0" at every opportunity-especially if they start listing options for pressing other numbers.

One pet peeve I have is when they tell me I can get information on their website. I turn the air blue.

I haven't done business with Sears in years because their once excellence customer service turned to no customer service.