Thursday, March 22, 2012

Looking For a New Refrigerator For the RV

On Wednesday we needed to deal with looking into some kind of a replacement for our RV refrigerator.  As we follow several RV forums, we knew that we could put in a household type refrigerator and it would be workable.  Sheila and Glenn were coming to our place for dinner, so I got some beans started in the slow cooker before we headed to Casa Grande to do some research.  We looked at Home Depot, Lowe’s and Best Buy and there wasn’t really too many household refrigerators that would fit in the space and fit through our door.  So we put our thoughts on hold and returned to the house to get things ready for dinner.  Compared to Sheila’s cooking, my meal was pretty simple:  barbecued ribs, beans, and cole slaw.  No photos, but we had a good visit with good friends.

This morning we discussed the possibilities of a new refrigerator and decided that although we didn’t really want to spend more money, that the best solution would be to take the RV to RV Renovators in Mesa to have a replacement installed.  Ken called them this morning and after a long conversation, decided that we need to drive the RV up there for them to take the necessary measurements to determine what we can do.  We then spent the rest of the day removing the dead Norcold refrigerator.  We laid some tarps down in the kitchen area and pulled it out of it’s space.  After that, Ken took a saws all to it.  That was not a pretty picture and made quite a mess of styrofoam throughout the RV.  In retrospect, I would have chosen to let RV Renovators take care of that task.  But, in the long run, I guess that will save us a few hours of labor.  Once the demolition was completed, we loaded it into the back of the pickup (with the help of our neighbor), and hauled it to the landfill.

So tomorrow is another road trip to Mesa and we may not return until Saturday.

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