Thursday, March 29, 2012

Refrigerator Replacement and Tortilla Flat, Arizona

The new refrigerator was delivered Wednesday evening around 6:20pm and left outside our RV in the yard at RV Renovators in Mesa, AZ.  We were anxious to have the work started Thursday morning, so we let the office know that it was here and we were ready.  Before the technicians started to work, our Coleman cooler was sitting in the space left after the removal of our RV Norcold refrigerator.  We’ve been able to keep a few items in there for breakfast and an evening beverage.


In preparation for the work to begin, we moved the Coleman cooler to a temporary location in front of the sofa.  The technicians started out by placing some protective covering over the carpeting.



In this next photo, Tony has removed the flooring that held the RV fridge above the furnace.  A new floor will be placed about an inch or so above the furnace as they continue the job.


With that task underway, we decided to take a break and drive to Tortilla Flat about 25 miles from here.  We headed to Apache Junction then turned onto the Apache Trail which heads up into higher terrain.  It was a very scenic drive.


This next photo is looking down to Canyon Lake.


And here we’re on the final approach to Tortilla Flat.


And a couple of photos at Tortilla Flat:



We stopped at the café for a hamburger before returning to RV Renovators in Mesa.  Tony was still working on the new flooring for the new refrigerator, so we figured that Friday would be an all day job.  We then planned on a trip back to Arizona City on Friday to meet John and Linda and pick up our mail.  We talked to Kelly in the office to make sure someone would be in their office on Saturday to make our payment before we leave Mesa.  After doing that, we returned to the RV to find out that the boss had decided the refrigerator would be moved in the RV this afternoon and they actually made very quick work out of it.  First the driver side window was removed.


The window has been removed and towels have been placed over the steering wheel and pilot’s chair to protect them.


The refrigerator is moved around to the driver’s side on a forklift.


Then it’s lifted up to the platform they use to remove the window.  This is the same platform they used early in February for the replacement of our front windshields.


And here are a few photos of the refrigerator being passed through into the RV.




It’s in the RV and they’re placing it into it’s overnight spot in the middle of everything!


And it is now standing up in the middle of the RV.  Since it had been on it’s side for the pass through, they told us to wait a couple of hours, then plug it in to cool it off overnight.


With that completed, we headed off to Costco where Ken wanted to look at some tools which were no longer available.  What can I say…I paid them off!  So the only money spent there was for a Costco hotdog.  From there, we briefly stopped at Walmart for a few things we needed for breakfast and then it was back to the RV.  We started watching some tv after our return, and after a short while there was a knock on the door asking if anyone was there.  It turned out to be a woman who was filling the vending machines and had been locked out and needed the gate opened.  It was Ken to the rescue.

Tomorrow after the technicians get to work on the refrigerator replacement, we will be headed to Arizona City to pick up our mail and meet John and Linda to show them our house and have lunch.

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