Friday, March 30, 2012

Fridge & Friends

Today was refrigerator installation day and the crew got started early.  Billy was back to work today after his young boy had been in the hospital due to an illness.  We were glad to have him back on the job.  Here are a few photos of the final preparations for the placement.  There is an extra ledge that has been placed to help support the extra depth of the new refrigerator.  It is put into place and then the plumbing is completed on the outside for the icemaker along with a shutoff valve should we need it in the future.





At this point we were ready to get out of their way for the day and we had plans to drive to Casa Grande to pick up Ken’s prescription and meet John and Linda for lunch.  Before leaving, I called Walgreens to check on the status of the prescription.  Two days ago, when we called they said the problem with the insurance company was that they wouldn’t help pay for it until today.  When I called today, they said they needed a prior authorization from the doctor.  Ken called the prescription person at his doctor’s office and told her what happened and she promised to call the insurance company and do what she could.  Just as we were getting close to Casa Grande, she called back to tell us that she would call in a prescription for another medicine to get Ken by until she could get the prior authorization sent in which could take a couple of days.  We continued on to Walgreens to check in with them and let them know what was going on.  They hadn’t heard from the doctor’s office yet, so we told them we’d check back later.  Back in the truck, John and Linda called and we decided to meet at Cracker Barrel for lunch.  We had a great lunch and visit with John and Linda and after lunch, we met them at the Roadrunner Market where we bought the winning Mega Million Lottery ticket for tonight.  John and Linda also bought some tickets, so we hope they win a dollar or two!  Smile  From there, they followed us to the house to check it out.  Our neighbor had picked up a package that was delivered to the house yesterday, so we picked that up, showed John and Linda a couple of other places in town, and then we headed to the post office to pick up our mail.  From there, it was back to Walgreens to pick up Ken’s prescription.  After paying for the temporary prescription, Ken received a call that the insurance company had authorized his regular one, so we had Walgreens check and had it filled.  Then it was time to head back to Mesa with a quick stop at Costco on the way.  When we returned to RV Renovators, the new refrigerator was in place and we’ll be able to return to Arizona City on Saturday.

Here’s a look at it in place.  Due to lighting issues, the photos aren’t the best, but it gives a general idea of how it looks.



Looking back, we probably would have gone with a refrigerator that wasn’t so deep, but this one works out okay.  Also, this one did not have a reversible door, but we have enough room that it is workable.  The technicians here recommend a counter depth refrigerator and in our search, those are all special order items.  After talking to the owner of RV Renovators, he said he would consider talking to a local appliance dealer about the possibility of having a couple of those in stock.  That would be a good thing.  Our RV refrigerator failed suddenly and we weren’t left with much choice as the counter depth refrigerators take 3-4 weeks to receive once ordered…not a good thing for most RVers.

On Saturday, we will be packing up and driving back to Arizona City, but not before fueling up at Flying J in Eloy and taking on propane.  We only have a couple of more weeks before we need to start our journey north.

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