Saturday, March 17, 2012

3/14–3/17/12–Arizona City and Other Travels

It’s not uncommon to see a rabbit or two in the yard in the mornings around here.


You can just barely make out the ears of the second one a little to the right in the brush.


On Thursday, Ken wanted to pick up some items at Harbor Freight, so we headed to Tempe and surrounding areas.  As we left our house, there was a crop duster out spraying the cotton fields.



On our way back to Arizona City, we drove close to the new Intel building going up in the Queen Creek area.  The numerous cranes can be seen for quite a distance from I-10.



Friday was another road trip for us starting with a trip to the social security office in Casa Grande as we had not received our SSA-1099 forms to complete our taxes.  We had to wait about a half hour to talk to someone, but once that happened, we quickly had the copies we needed and were on the road again.  We had never been to Florence, AZ which is the county seat for Pinal County.  We had purchased a home security system and decided to drive there to turn in our permit and payment for the alarm system.

We start heading toward Coolidge and Florence.


Heading into Coolidge, the Casa Grande Ruins was on our right.


In Florence, there were a couple of prison facilities to the south of the Sheriff’s office.


At the sheriff’s office we turned in out alarm permit application and fee, then headed to the assessor’s office where we visited with a very knowledgeable and helpful employee.  We made one other stop at another county office, then headed north of the sheriff’s office just over the Gila River where we stopped for lunch at the Riverbottom Saloon.  After a good meal, we decided to drive to the Eloy Municipal Airport to check on the status of 240 person skydive that was to be taking place in this timeframe.  After our arrival there, we saw this interesting bird nest a couple of cars over from where we parked.  That driver will be in for a big surprise!


It wasn’t too long before we saw three planes flying overhead in a triangle formation.


And then the skydive began.






Repacking the parachutes for another go at it.


And back in Arizona City, we saw this cactus in bloom.


We had a St. Patrick’s Day visit from a female red cardinal in the bush by our RV.


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