Sunday, August 9, 2009

8/5 - 8/8/2009 - Kenai, AK

After having visited the southern most part of the Kenai Peninsula, we made our way back to Kenai so that we could have more family time with our niece, Kim and her family. Basically for all of our married life plus some, she has been in Alaska and we've not been able to get to know her. This trip to Alaska has been priceless in that respect...we've been able to get closer to Kim and her family and have really enjoyed the visit and hope there will be many more!
This photo is NOT's just a moose meandering through her neighborhood on our last evening there.
Kim and family in a more humorous pose: Top row left to right: Nikki, Madeleine, Rick (Madeleine's boyfriend), Tyler, bottom row: Gale (Kim's husband and great welder!), Grant (aka Fang), and Kim.

Here's another photo of the family...just a little more serious.
We can't say enough about what a wonderful time we had visiting with your family and getting closer and getting to know you better. We love you Kim and family!

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