Sunday, August 30, 2009

8/29/2009 - Whitehorse, YT Museums and Dinner with Friends

On our last full day in Whitehorse, we decided to tour two museums that offer a discount for going to both of them. The first one we visited was the Yukon Beringia Interpretive Center. It covered time thousands of years ago when there was a land mass between North America and Asia. We found it very interesting and although some of the animals are similar to ones we see now, there are still differences.
This photo is taken from outside the museum.
This photo is of the wooly mammoth which looks very much like a prehistoric elephant.

The next museum was the transportation museum. We first went through a room devoted to bush planes. It was mostly made up of photos covering the history of bush planes.

The next section of the museum covered the gold rush era of the late 1890's when gold was first discovered in the Klondike. It covered all of the main towns which the miners traveled through and their ordeals in getting to the Klondike gold fields.

The final area of the museum had various vehicles that serve the Yukon Territory. This yellow machine is a snow groomer and the quote on the hood caught my eye.

As we left the museum, we saw that the DC-3 weather vane was moving so we stopped to watch it for a while. On our way to Alaska, it was in a different location. During the time we were north, they physically moved the plane to it's new location in front of the transportation museum. I tried making a video of it's movement, but it made me seasick to watch it, so decided not to bother posting it.

Later that evening we went to dinner with fellow Escapees, Diane and Andy, and had a great evening visiting and enjoying their company. Diane and Andy have also been keeping a blog of the travels and have some fantastic bear photos. Take a look at their blog at:

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