Friday, August 14, 2009

8/14/2009 - Eagle River Nature Center

We moved today from the Eagle River Campground to our nephew Ian's place in Eagle River. Since he and his wife, Jennifer, were both working we took off for some sightseeing and shopping. Since their property is just off the Eagle River Road, we continued to the end of the road to visit the Eagle River Nature Center. It is the trailhead for the Old Iditarod-Crow Pass Trail. In the visitor center, we were told that we could walk a 3/4 mile trail to see salmon spawning in the river and possibly see some bears. We made it down to the first viewing platform where we could see as far as the next viewing area. We didn't see any sign of bears in the river, but there seemed to be a storm headed in our direction. We decided not to continue the walk since we would likely melt in a rain storm.
From the nature center, we went to lunch and did some shopping. Later on, we had an enjoyable evening getting to know Ian's wife, Jennifer, and daughter's, Summer and Corey. This summer is great getting to meet all "new to us" family members.

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