Sunday, August 30, 2009

8/30/2009 - Whitehorse, YT to Watson Lake, YT

We left Whitehorse and headed to Watson Lake today. Here are a few photos of the journey.
This is the Teslin River bridge as we approach it from the north.
Before starting our trip to Alaska, many of our friends told us that we had to make a mandatory stop at Mukluk Annie's. They said that if you had their salmon bake dinner, that they provided you with a free boondocking sight for the night. Before we started north, we found out that Annie's had closed down at the end of last season, so we weren't able to enjoy this stop. I wasn't able to get a photo as we headed north, but did stop on the way south just to get a photo.

Ken spotted this unique car and trailer a few days before we actually got to meet up with them. It finally worked out that they were at the same rest area when we stopped for lunch. This is a 1915 model T speedster (all stock engine and running gear) that Matt rebuilt I believe as a school project a few years ago. He also built the trailer that they towed behind the car. Matt and his wife Jess had been planning the Alaska trip for several years. They waited until Jess graduated from law school, then took the ferry from Bellingham to Whittier, and were driving from there back to Mt Vernon, WA.

Here's the trailer.

This photo is of Matt and Jess all bundled up and ready to hit the road.

After arriving at Watson Lake and getting set up for the evening, we walked over to the famous sign forest. The visitor center told us that there were over 65,000 signs now posted there.

Another shot of the sign forest.

As we were going through the sign forest, we ran into Matt and Jess, and they took our photo.

And yet another shot of the sign forest. It's an amazing site and much more than we expected.

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