Monday, April 8, 2013

4/8/2013–A Windy Day in Las Cruces

When we got up this morning, we knew in advance that we were destined to stay in Las Cruces for another night.  The wind blew all night and continued throughout the day.  After lunch, we ventured out for a few errands to Walmart to pick up a few grocery items and Ken was looking for some electrical items at Home Depot and Lowes which we never found.


There are supposed to be 4 RV sites at the north end of the lodge in Las Cruces, but with newer RV’s and slideouts, that’s not really going to happen.  All of the electric hookups are at the far left side of the lodge and anyone camping to our right would need a long cord to connect to it.


The sun going down was pretty much covered by the dust blowing around the area.


So far, the weather predictions are not looking too favorable for us to be able to move tomorrow, but we’ll see how it goes.  Ken contacted his longtime friend from his school days in Moses Lake who currently lives in Roswell, NM.  It sounds like they’re home and we’re looking forward to a visit with them when we get there in the next few days.

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