Saturday, April 6, 2013

4/6/2013–Arizona City to Willcox, AZ

We’re on the road again!  All of our medical items have been cleared to go or at least put on hold for a while and we spent the last week going through things and getting ready to hit the road.  We have both been so careful, but we still found that the items we needed to pack back into the RV seemed to have increased.  I’ve been really bad at not carrying the camera around and getting photos so not much to show for the last week or more.  After getting things all packed and ready to go, we went to dinner Friday night with Glenn and Sheila and had a nice evening.  We got an early start this morning to finish off the last minute things like turning off the water, shutting down the hot water heater in the house, etc.  Just before we were ready to pull out, I couldn’t remember for sure if I had set the A/C in the house to come on at a certain temperature or not.  I had not…so it was a good thing that I went in to check it out and set it.

Finally we were on the I-10 heading east and caught this one last shot (through a dirty window) of Picacho Peak.


And we headed on through downtown Tucson.


We drove through a construction area on the east side of Tucson.


We drove through the Texas Canyon area which has some really interesting rock formations.




We stopped at the rest area at the top for a lunch break then continued the short distance to the Willcox, AZ Elks lodge where we’re spending the night before continuing on to wherever we may land on Sunday.

The Elks lodge in Willcox has some really nice pull through sites making it a nice stopping point for a night.


Our tentative plans for Sunday are to continue on to Las Cruces for a night.

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