Thursday, April 18, 2013

4/17–4/18/2013–Cleaning Up the Lot

We spent most of the day Wednesday outside checking out the property for ants, weeds and debris.  We had them all, so it kept us very busy.

As I was spraying weeds near the roadside on our property I found this cactus and transplanted it to another temporary area.  I’m not sure what variety of cactus it is, but we’re thinking about getting a flower pot to put it in so we can transport it to our place in Arizona.  If anyone out there recognizes what variety of cactus this is, I would like to know.  Jerry and Sue’s lot next door also has one like this.  Otherwise, it seems like it’s mostly prickly pear around here.


We visited Pete and Jo last night for happy hour.  They’ve extended their deck and it’s looking very nice.  Jo had me helping her on a 3-D jigsaw puzzle she had picked up at a recent yard sale.  It is a difficult one and she claims not to like my 1000 piece puzzles!

We had rain and cold weather early Thursday, but once it cleared up we were out working in the yard again.  Ken stacked up a few branches by the burn barrel to let them dry out.


We had tried several settings on our antenna the last few nights trying to get the local digital channels without any luck.  I tried a scan again this afternoon, and now we seem to have all except the ABC affiliate.  It’s nice to see what’s going on in the local area news.  After three very humid sleeping nights here, it looks like we may be in for a more comfortable night and hopefully that means a more restful sleep!

I finished reading another Kindle book today:  Never Smile at Strangers…my usual kind of mystery, thriller genre and it was very good at a bargain of $.99…here’s a link to purchase it if desired (it helps support my blog):


BJ said...

sort of looks like a barrel Cactus on this link.

IdahoRV said...

BJ...thanks for the link. It does sort of look like a barrel cactus, but it has all of the smaller starts clustered close around it which I've not seen with a barrel cactus before.