Saturday, April 13, 2013

4/13/2013–Roswell, NM to San Angelo, TX

For a travel day and changing time zones, we probably got started a little later than normal.  After dumping the holding tanks we headed east on Hwy 380 from New Mexico to Texas.

There was the obligatory road construction.



This sign was at our first rest stop before getting to TX.


And we get the Welcome to Texas sign in Bronco, TX.


You can tell you’re in TX when you see oil wells.


And long stretches of farmland.


Windmills seem to be in every state now.


Our plan for today was to stay at a city park in Big Spring, TX.  Not sure what we would be getting into, we parked at the side of the highway and walked in to check things out.  It was full with tent campers, so we continued on to Sterling City where there was another possibility.  That turned out to be a rest area and there was no room for us to overnight there, so on we went.  We checked out a rest area further on and ruled that on and decided to continue to San Angelo and see what we could find.  We found it, checked in with the store to make sure they allowed for overnight camping, picked a spot and we are now enjoying our very first overnight stay at a Walmart!  So here we sit watching the NASCAR race and resting up for our trip tomorrow.

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