Thursday, April 11, 2013

4/11/2013–Roswell, NM

Today was a day without any photos…and that may be a good thing as things started out incredibly bad.

We received a phone call from Ken’s mail order RX company and I passed the phone to him…before he knew what was going on, they gave him a number to call back and a long extension number…before he could write it down….the call ended.  So there were multiple calls to mail order RX company and doctor offices to get things figured out.

Here at the Roswell Elks we’re in a site with 50amp power and water and there is a dump at the lodge.  When we pulled in here we dumped the holding tanks and I knew I could use the washer dryer for a couple of loads before we left.  I stuffed a very large load into the machine and got it started and all went well at first.  When I didn’t hear any of the usual noise, I went back to check on things and it just seemed to be sitting there doing nothing.  Checking again a few minutes later, there was a bit of noise, but the lock door light was flashing and that didn’t seem right.  I finally went through the routine to drain all water, reset things to be able to unlock the door and I got things ready to take to a laundromat.  We drove to the first place I found on the GPS and started to take things in only to find out their water had been shut off, so it was off to the next place.  The next spot we found worked out well, and we were out of there before 1pm with clean clothes to meet our friends for lunch.

We had a good lunch and talk with Glenn and Linda then drove to a tire repair shop they recommended.  Our driver side rear tire has been losing air and we knew it had to be fixed.  They sent us to a place called Forest Tire and that place was great…they had Ken drive the truck into an available bay and we were on the road again within about 15 minutes with $10 less in our wallet..not a bad deal!

From there we went to the Hobby Lobby so I could get a gift card to go with a birthday card I needed to get sent off in the mail and then we found an electric store to get some 30amp plugs that Ken needed for a project to replace some that were going bad.

With the shopping completed, we returned to the RV and while Ken worked on filling the water tank, I put the clean laundry into drawers and closet space.  Before long it was time to meet Glenn and Linda at the Elks for happy hour and dinner.  We had an enjoyable evening with them and their friends Don and Angel who we had seen last night and on a previous visit to Roswell.  Don and Angel are planning a trip to Fredericksburg, TX in May and we should be at our lot in that time frame, so we’re going to try to meet up while they’re there.  After dinner we said our goodbyes for the evening and returned to the RV for the evening.

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