Wednesday, April 10, 2013

4/10/2013–Las Cruces to Roswell, NM

The winds died down overnight and we were ready to hit the road this morning heading east on Hwy 70 out of Las Cruces, New Mexico.


We followed this manufactured home going down the road ahead of us and they actually travelled at a pretty good pace and we weren’t slowed down at all.


We’ve travelled past the White Sands National Monument Visitor Center several times over the last few years and decided today to stop and take time to check it out.  The visitor center seemed to be very busy with college age visitors intending to slide down the “sands” which are actually gypsum (sp?).  We could have driven the RV out the 8 miles and back, but we decided it was more important to get to Roswell and spend some time with our longtime friends


A couple of photos of the white sands.



And a photo of the “white snow” on a mountain top as we descended into Ruidoso, NM.


When we arrived at Roswell, we made a stop at the Sam’s Club to to fill with diesel which was priced at $3.679.  From there, we continued to our parking spot for the next 3 nights at the Roswell Elks.  Once we got set up, Ken called our friends and we met them at the lodge for happy hour and dinner.  We had a great time and made plans to meet up with them again tomorrow.


We’re so glad to be out of the windy weather, but it was only in the low 50’s when we got here.  The temperatures are supposed to drop close to freezing tonight and we are happy to be in a 50amp hookup site.  It should be warming up more again….we hope!

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