Sunday, December 18, 2011

Working on the Property

We finally had a day that was a little bit warmer and with no rain during the day.  After a trip to Home Depot to purchase some additional paint, Ken got started placing the trim pieces on the storage shed.  We had already painted the ones that run parallel to the ground near above the door and under the roofline on the sides of the building, so they were the first ones to be cut to size and nailed up.

One trim piece was placed across the building above the door.


This photo shows the trim on one side of the building just below the roofline.


After getting the painted pieces nailed into place, it was time to cut and fit the trim for the front roofline. 


The same thing will have to be done on the back of the shed.  Obviously those pieces still have to be painted and it’s looking like we may have a bit of a wait for more decent weather to accomplish that task.


Gran'pa Santa said...

That's a might tall looking shed. What'cha storin' in there? Giraffes? Maybe it's just the perspective.
Looks like you have been busy. Be sure to slow down and enjoy your Christmas.

IdahoRV said...

Gran'pa Santa...It must just be the angle of the photo I took that makes it look taller. It's actually reindeer we're storing in there! :)