Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Colorful Christmas Trees

Today we made a trip to pick up a few things at the Walmart in the Garden Ridge, TX area.  Before doing our shopping there, we drove to the nearby Garden Ridge store which has numerous items.  There are items for the kitchen, clothing, furniture, home décor and at this time of year there was a large section devoted to Christmas.  There were several artificial Christmas trees already adorned with lights and ready to go and they were marked at 50% off!  But, even that price seemed a bit much for some of these unusual colored trees.  Some of them looked more like team colors for NFL or other sports teams.




We’re going to wait until they pay us to take one of them.

When we returned to the lot, the wind had calmed down and it was nice enough to do some outside things.  Ken fit and cut the rest of the trim for the storage shed.  We’ll still be waiting for a warm and sunny day to paint them.  Tomorrow night there is a happy hour at Pete and Jo’s house and we heard there will be close to 30 people attending.  We’re looking forward to it, and I’ll try to remember the camera.

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