Saturday, December 17, 2011

Killeen, TX to Spring Branch, TX

We left Killeen mid morning on November 29th and continued south.  We made out usual stop at the Walmart in  Marble Falls to stock up on groceries and take on fuel in the RV.  After that stop, we continued on and made a stop a little south of Johnson City for a lunch break, then finished the drive to our lot in Valero Estates in Spring Branch, TX.

Here’s a photo of the RV sitting in our lot.


Later that afternoon, we met up with neighbors John & Linda and John & Bev for happy hour to get caught up on things in the neighborhood.  The next afternoon we had happy hour at Harrell and Tommie Sue’s.  It’s great to be back with good friends!

We’re kind of into a time of not doing much sightseeing as we’re seeing doctors, trying to find good weather to get things fixed up here and get it sold as we want to head back to Arizona in mid January.  I’ve advertised our lot on Craigslist and also on the Escapees RV Club forum and to get a little more information out there as well as some additonal photos, I quickly put together another blog for the property.  Here’s the link:

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