Monday, December 26, 2011

My Jigsaw Puzzle Caddy

At our Christmas dinner yesterday, I was asked about my jigsaw puzzle caddy, so I took a few photos of it this afternoon.

This is the main puzzle board that measures 24.5” x 31”.  It is made of cardboard and it has a plastic edging around three sides.


When it’s time to put the puzzle away so we can use the dining table, I cover the puzzle with a piece of foam.


I took these photos after a puzzle was completed so this next photo shows the two sorting trays which fit on top of the piece for working the puzzle.  They are also cardboard and and have the plastic trim around all four sides.


Then there are two more pieces of foam which fits over each of the sorting trays.


Then the puzzle board and sorting trays go into the caddy.  It is a long piece of cardboard which has about a 1” fold at the top and bottom.  The long side on the right fits under the flap on the left which is held in place with velcro.  On the folded edge of the flap there is (or in my case, there was) a plastic handle.


Another view of the caddy while opened.


Here it is closed.


And another view of the closed box.  It fits behind the couch when not in use.


Here’s a look at how I get started on a 1000 piece puzzle.  I dump half of the puzzle pieces onto the two sorting trays.  Then I go through each one picking out the edges and placing them onto the main puzzle board.


From that point, it’s pretty easy to select color groups off the sorting trays and putting them on the main board to work the puzzle.

We did make a trip to Home Depot today to pick up some plywood so Ken can put some sides on our utility trailer before we start packing up things to take to Arizona.  That’s his project for tomorrow and I’m hoping it will be nice enough to get outside and trim down some more weeds.



Gran'pa Santa said...

I like you puzzle caddy. We have a big piece of heavy felt that we do puzzles on. When it is time to put it away, it can be rolled up without the puzzle pieces coming completely undone. I think I like you caddy idea better. It looks 'store bought' rather than hand made. Where did you get it?

IdahoRV said...

Gran'pa was a store bought caddy that I found in a puzzle store in Spokane, WA several years ago. The inside parts are still okay, but the outer cardboard box is getting worn out. I've looked and looked for a replacement and they don't seem to make them anymore. Perhaps they might be found on Ebay or Craigslist but I haven't had any luck finding another one yet.

Anonymous said...

Currently no one is making this kind. I can't find mine. I've moved too many times in the last ... years.. LOL

Anonymous said...

I have been looking all over for this. Had one but it's pretty ragged now.
I don't know why they stopped making them. The roll up kind are not very