Monday, June 17, 2013

6/17/2013–Colby, KS to Sidney, NE

We drove north out of Colby, KS on Hwy 25 today and as usual, we saw some interesting sites along the way.

For a while, we followed an earth mover.



We left Kansas behind and entered Nebraska.


We passed by feedlots.


And once we got on I-80 headed west, we went through several construction zones.


NASCAR vehicles are on the road west to Sonoma for next weekend’s races.



We arrived at our campground for the night in Sidney, NE at Cabela’s.  After a trip to the local visitor’s center to pick up some maps and a trip to Walmart to get a few items, we walked around the Cabela’s store for a while.  This is the very first Cabela’s that we had ever been in many years ago, and today based on the many other stores we have seen, this one seems so small now.



There have been concerns of storms approaching this area, so Ken has kept an eye on the weather radar and fortunately, they seem to be dying out although we may get some rain.  Tomorrow we just have 100 miles or so to go to our son’s house in Cheyenne, WY for a visit.

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