Friday, June 21, 2013

6/20/2013–Synthetic Rooster Comb Knee Injection and a Chicken

Our Thursday started with a trip to the doctor to have Ken’s knees injected with a synthetic rooster comb.

All smiles before the shot.


An x-ray of the knee.


Skip, the doctor, is a longtime friend of Ken’s son Butch.

First one knee.


And then the other knee.


The injections are given in a series of three usually one week apart and Ken will be going back the next two Mondays to finish them.

After leaving the doctor’s office, we headed south through yet another construction zone to Wellington, Colorado where we stopped for lunch before picking up some lotto tickets.  Lotto tickets are not sold in Wyoming, and the trip today was much longer than we remembered, so we probably won’t be doing that again while here.


On our return to Cheyenne, I got a non-blurry photo of a welcome to Wyoming sign.


We passed the Terry Bison Ranch and got a photo of their camels.  The bison were in more distant corrals.


We stopped at the new Southeastern Wyoming Visitor’s Center to pick up some maps and look around.  They have some very nice displays there including this mastodon.



Back in Cheyenne, we stopped at Jolley Rogers RV and made arrangements to bring the RV in next Wednesday to have the slide topper awning replaced.  It was getting old anyway and the storm in Colby, KS the other night didn’t help it any.

From there we headed back to Butch’s house and passed this chicken on the hillside.  From what Butch told us, the guy there makes these chickens and apparently sells quite a few.  The day before, there was down lower in the field next to a for sale sign, but it was gone now.


Friday we will be taking our granddaughter to get her driver’s license.

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