Wednesday, June 19, 2013

6/18/2013–Sidney, NE to Cheyenne, WY

Our drive from Sidney, NE to Cheyenne, WY on Tuesday was a short one of just a little over 100 miles.  Several of my photos blurred today.

We passed a howling coyote on a nearby hillside.


And again, we drove through several areas of road construction.


And wouldn’t you know it…my welcome to Wyoming sign turned out very blurry!


The Union Pacific railroad follows the same route as I-80.


And we saw a couple of more NASCAR trucks along the way.



We made a stop at the Pilot to fill our fuel tank at $3.589 per gallon and then continued to our son’s house.  Since they are in a different house since our last visit, we waited until he could get home to set up and he went back to work.  Our granddaughter joined us for a trip to Arby’s for lunch and then to Lowe’s so Ken could pick up the supplies needed to give us a 50amp electric hookup while here.  We also made a stop a a local orthopedic doctor’s office and Ken is now scheduled for 3 injections of synthetic rooster’s comb into his knees over the next two weeks.  So, that means we will be staying here until after the 4th of July.

Back at the house, Ken worked on the electrical, but decided to finish it on Wednesday.  After a meal of hamburgers, we returned to the RV to relax for the evening.  We’re still adjusting to the change in time zone as well as the higher elevation.

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