Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Spring Branch, TX to Balmorhea, TX

Last night we went with a few of our neighbors to the Dairy Queen in Blanco for burgers and ice cream.  Ken and I had just barely managed to finish up our packing at the 5pm departure time.  It was good to have that done.

This morning we did our usual routine then got things put away in the RV and got ready to hit the road.  Ken pulled the motorhome out onto the road and I pulled the truck and utility trailer behind it.  We took a measurement and we were a little over 75’ in length.


Our lot looks pretty empty now.


I didn’t take any photos during our drive today.  We stopped for lunch at a rest area east of Junction, then continued west with a couple of rest stops and a fuel stop in Fort Stockton, TX.  Diesel there was $3.78 a gallon.  We continued another 40+ miles to Balmorhea to Saddleback Mountain RV Park where it’s $10 a night for full hookups.  We have never seen so many RV’s here.  It was nearly full, and the most we’ve seen other times or 3-4.


We put in approximately 380 miles today and will have a shorter day tomorrow when we continue on to Deming, NM.


Michael and Dee said...

Wow, that is long! I didn't know you were allowed to tow 2 things behind an RV!

Mike and Dee

IdahoRV said...

We weren't so sure about that ourselves. Everything towed very smoothly behind the RV, we saw numerous state police, and made it all the way to Arizona City without a problem.