Sunday, January 29, 2012

Arizona City–Unloading the Trailer and Furnishing the House

Here’s the RV set up on the vacant lot next to our house.  Ken has it set up so that we have full hookups.


When we were ready to finish unloading the utility trailer, Ken backed it into the garage so that we could take our time and not have it out in the open.  The garage was quite full!


Between other errands around the place, we got the trailer unloaded.  Here it is already to hookup and take on a furniture shopping trip.


Target had a good sale last week on chair pads for patio furniture so they took on a new look.


While visiting Glenn and Sheila the other day, she showed me a flyer for inexpensive furniture in Phoenix.  It was for a place that removes old furniture from hotels and motels then takes them to their warehouse to sell to the public.  We got an early start Friday morning and hooked the utility trailer up to the truck and headed to the furniture warehouse.  We weren’t sure what we were getting into and just felt like we were taking the trailer up there as a waste of our time.  I’m happy to say that we were wrong, and came back to the house with a trailer and truck loaded with enough furniture to stock the house.

We picked out a sofa sleeper and a couple of wall paintings behind it to the right.


Behind the sofa sleeper is a coffee table with a couple of end tables on top of it.


We found a recliner chair for Ken.


And a couple of table lamps which may end up in a bedroom or the living room.


We found some night stands for the master bedroom.


We picked out two queen size mattresses.


And two queen size box springs.


We also bought two bed frames.


On Saturday morning I decided to check out three garage/yard sales that were going on in town.  At the first one, I found James Michener’s Texas hardback in like new condition for $1.00 and bought that.  I didn’t find anything at the second sale that caught my interest and drove to the last one.  I hit the jackpot at that one!  All of the items on the counter to the left of the sink were $18.00!  There’s a coffee pot, toaster, and several bowls, salad plates, dinner plates, coffee cups, serving dishes and bowls.  I spent the rest of Saturday getting them cleaned up and put away.


On Saturday, we drove to Casa Grande and purchased bedding, curtains and lumber for Ken to build a workbench in the garage.  That afternoon, Ken installed the hardware for the curtains.  I spent the day Sunday doing laundry of the bedding and getting the bedrooms finished off while Ken built his workbench.  Glenn and Sheila stopped by and she gave me a bed skirt, etc. for one of the guest rooms….thanks, Sheila!

We’re ready to see what’s in store for us this next week.

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