Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Look Ma, No Tires

When we picked up our utility trailer at Home Depot, they had to put the second tire on it as that is a theft diversion.  After that was completed, we thought nothing of it and brought it home.  Ken worked on it several times and finally noticed that one of the tires was badly checked.  We a couple of trips to HD last week and finally decided to wait until after the first of the year to pursue things.  Ken went there this morning and they agreed to let us replace the tires and present them with a bill.

On Ken’s return to the lot, we had a quick lunch, and then the realtor we selected to sell our lot arrived to go over the contract and have us sign the paperwork.  Once that was completed, we loaded the trailer tires into the pickup and headed to New Braunfels to the tire store.

Here’s the trailer without tires.



At the tire store, Ken decided which tires we needed and we were told to be back in 45 minutes to pick them up.  During the waiting time, we took our broken basement freezer and a few other items to the recycler.  When we returned the new tires were ready to load into the truck and we headed home. 

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