Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Home Depot Does Good For Us!!

We had a couple of things we had to get completed today.  We dropped off the remaining paperwork at our realtor’s office and then drove to Home Depot.  At Home Depot, Ken met with the customer service person he talked to yesterday and presented her with the bill for the tires we purchased yesterday for the utility trailer.  As he had already explained the problem with the bad tires yesterday, they accepted the bill and promptly gave us a credit on our Home Depot account.  They are definitely a first class company!

With those tasks accomplished, we drove to San Antonio and stopped in at Costco to place an order for an item we want to pick up there next week.  Jason’s Deli is next to Costco and convenient so that was our lunch stop today and it was good as usual.  We then continued south to Sam’s Club to pick up a few items there.  The Sam’s Club card is through our son’s business and comes in handy when we’re not in a Costco area.  Then it was back north to Walmart for some additional purchases.  From there, we continued north to Target where I found the perfect birthday gift for our nephew in Alaska.  I’ll get that ready to mail to him tomorrow.

Back at the RV, we got things unloaded and put away then walked over to John & Bev’s.  They had a manufactured home put on their lot last winter, but we saw that they had brought their 5th wheel back home today.  On their way to Spring Branch, they were in a rest area and got rearended by a truck and cattle hauler trailer.  That incident totaled their car which they haul behind the heavy duty truck and 5th wheel and also caused extensive damage to the back of the 5th wheel.  The outside work on it looks very nice and they have promised a open house once they get it fully set up.

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Molly and Bob said...

Happy New Year guys! Been a while since I checked the blog (been busy with the knee patient, the house, Escapade and the little bundle of boy Santa brought). Safe travels and enjoy your place in AZ! See on the road soon! Hugs!