Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Busy Week for Retired Folks

It’s been a busy week since my last blog update and although I’ve taken a few photos on my Droid, there’s nothing exceptional to post here.  By Friday, Pete and Jo had a couple of RV visitors to their lot and a neighboring lot so we all went out to dinner at Texas 46. 

On Saturday, Tom and Mary Anne drove up from their lot in Hondo for lunch at Smokey Joe’s BBQ also down on Hwy 46.  We couldn’t believe the amount of meat they put out on the counter for us to sample…we could have made a meal of that.  But we ordered meals and had enough to bring home for leftovers.

We invited our landlocked neighbors, Kenny and Carmen, over to have dinner with us on Sunday.  I put some beans in the slow cooker for the day and had some store bought potato and macaroni salads to add to the pork ribs I planned to cook later in the day.  Kenny came over early in the day to weld a lower receiver hitch to the truck to make the trailer more level for hauling to Arizona.  That ended up being an all day project with a couple of trips to Bulverde to Home Depot and Tractor Supply.  Once that job was completed, we enjoyed the evening with Kenny and Carmen visiting and eating.  Carmen made some wonderful brownies and left the remainder of them with us.

Monday was the day for a visit to Ken’s back doctor, Dr. K.  The appointment was at 1:30pm and they called in the morning to tell us they had some cancellations and asked us to come in at 11:00am.  We arrived for that appointment about an hour early, and left at about 1:15pm and headed immediately to Jason’s Deli to take care of the hunger pains.  We completed our other errands and arrived back at the RV around 4:00pm.

Today (Tuesday) was a long planned movie day with Pete and Jo.  Ken doesn’t like movies, but he drove us to the theater in New Braunfels and continued on to Buda to Cabela’s while we watched The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.  The movie was so good that 2 3/4 hours went by in no time.  We had a late lunch/early dinner at The Ord’s in the Creekside Mall area, shopped at Best Buy and J C Penney’s and returned to Valero Estates.

I’ve also been reading some good ebooks lately, so I’ll be posting a few reviews as I have time.

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